Shipping & delivery page

In simple terms, we are not responsible for third party shipping, ex: usps, ups etc... if you don't select the insurance and pay for it and the package gets lost, it your responsibility not ours, we will help you track the package but we will not replace it for free, any replacement will be payed for it by the client. any damaged goods will be compensated by the shipping company if theres is insurance payed by the client, good news all Usps priority packages are insured for a $100 automatically. 

In Delivery methods
  • Pick-up from a Post parcel point in your city

    A parcel point is an easy and convenient way to receive items in your city. Shop in our online store, then selects the parcel point as the delivery type and choose the preferred pick-up location. The item will be in the parcel point selected by you the next day after 4 p.m., or some time later in some areas. The Parcel Points are available in central locations and during the opening hours of shops, also on weekends. More than half customers pick up their parcel already on the day of its delivery.

  • Shipping with USPS

all packages shipped by Usps will not be left at your front door, they will leave you a yellow slip for pickup.

  • Shipping with UPS and Fed EX

these companies they will leave your package unattended so your packag is at risk to be stolen so please insure it to protect your investment.

  • International delivery will fall Under (ITAR) regulations 

    International delivery is regulated by ITAR, for further questions in that regard call Itar for further information.