1. Position section of the modules list.

After activating all necessary modules you need to assign them to correct positions. In PrestaShop admin panel from the top menu select Modules > Positions. To place module in the required position just drag it to the position section of the modules list.

Module namePositionOrder
JX HTML Content v1.1.1 displayRightColumn 1
Contact information v3.1.0 displayRightColumn 2
Supplier List v1.0.3 displayRightColumn 3
Brand list v1.0.2 displayRightColumn 4
JX Mega Menu v1.7.9 displayLeftColumn 1
Faceted search v2.1.1 displayLeftColumn 2
Specials block v1.0.1 displayLeftColumn 3
Supplier List v1.0.3 displayLeftColumn 4
Brand list v1.0.2 displayLeftColumn 5
JX HTML Content v1.1.1 displayLeftColumn 6
JX Google Map v1.2.1 displayLeftColumn 7
Image slider v2.1.1 displayHome 1
Deal of the day v1.0.1 displayHome 2
Featured products v2.0.0 displayHome 3
JX HTML Content v1.1.1 displayHome 4
Specials block v1.0.1 displayHome 5
Top-sellers block v1.0.3 displayHome 6
New products v1.0.1 displayHome 7
JX Manufacturers Block v1.2.0 displayHome 8
JX Look Book v1.0.0 displayHome 9
JX Homepage Category Gallery v1.2.4 displayHome 10
JX Mosaic Products v1.1.1 displayHome 11
JX Category Products v2.0.2 displayHome 12
Main menu v2.1.0 displayTop 1
Search bar v2.0.1 displayTop 2
JX Mega Menu v1.7.9 displayTop 3
JX HTML Content v1.1.1 displayTop 4
JX Search v1.3.1 displayTop 5
Customer account links v3.1.0 displayFooter 1
Contact information v3.1.0 displayFooter 2
E-mail subscription form v2.3.0 displayFooter 3
Social media follow links v2.0.0 displayFooter 4
Custom text v3.0.0 displayFooter 5
JX Compare Product v1.0.0 displayFooter 6
JX HTML Content v1.1.1 displayFooter 7
JX Google Map v1.2.1 displayFooter 8
Link List v2.1.4 displayFooter 9
Image slider v2.1.1 displayTopColumn 1
JX HTML Content v1.1.1 displayTopColumn 2
JX Manufacturers Block v1.2.0 displayTopColumn 3
JX Look Book v1.0.0 displayTopColumn 4
JX HTML Content v1.1.1 displayNav 1
JX Mega Menu v1.7.9 displayNav 2
Contact information v3.1.0 displayNav 3
Featured products v2.0.0 displayHomeTabContent 1
JX Mega Layout v1.4.0 displayHomeTabContent 2
Featured products v2.0.0 displayHomeTab 1
JX Mega Layout v1.4.0 displayHomeTab 2

2. Configuring images

In PrestaShop you can use predefined image dimensions for product images, category images, manufacturers etc.

For example, images of the 'home' dimensions are usually used for the category listing product images, 'large' for main product image on the product info page.

To configure product image dimensions, open your PrestaShop admin panel, go to Preferences > Images and set the image dimensions as displayed below:

PictureWidth (px)Height (px)
cart_default 125 125
category_default 141 180
home_default 400 400
large_default 800 800
medium_default 452 452
small_default 135 135
stores_default 170 115
category_large 492 440
home_custom 600 600

3. Page layout settings

In Prestashop you can activate or deactivate sidebars for subpages, featured in table.

To configure layout, open your PrestaShop admin panel, go to Preferences > Themes > Advanced settings.

Page typeLayout
pagenotfound layout-full-width
best-sales layout-left-column
contact layout-right-column
index layout-full-width
manufacturer layout-full-width
new-products layout-left-column
password layout-full-width
prices-drop layout-left-column
sitemap layout-full-width
supplier layout-full-width
address layout-full-width
addresses layout-full-width
authentication layout-full-width
cart layout-full-width
discount layout-full-width
history layout-full-width
identity layout-full-width
my-account layout-full-width
order-follow layout-full-width
order-slip layout-full-width
order layout-full-width
search layout-full-width
stores layout-full-width
guest-tracking layout-full-width
order-confirmation layout-full-width
product layout-full-width
category layout-left-column
cms layout-full-width
module-cheque-payment layout-full-width
module-cheque-validation layout-full-width
module-bankwire-validation layout-full-width
module-bankwire-payment layout-full-width
module-cashondelivery-validation layout-full-width
module-ps_checkpayment-payment layout-full-width
module-ps_checkpayment-validation layout-full-width
module-ps_emailsubscription-verification layout-full-width
module-ps_emailsubscription-subscription layout-full-width
module-ps_shoppingcart-ajax layout-full-width
module-ps_wirepayment-payment layout-full-width
module-ps_wirepayment-validation layout-full-width
module-cronjobs-callback layout-full-width
module-jxblog-author layout-full-width
module-jxblog-categories layout-full-width
module-jxblog-category layout-full-width
module-jxblog-post layout-full-width
module-jxblog-search layout-full-width
module-jxblog-tag layout-full-width
module-jxsearch-search layout-full-width
module-jxwishlist-wishlists layout-full-width
module-jxwishlist-wishlist layout-full-width
module-ps_feeder-rss layout-full-width
module-jxlookbook-collections layout-full-width
module-jxlookbook-pages layout-full-width